Emirates Loto rolls out new Dh35m digital online lottery in United Arab Emirates

Every Saturday at 7.30 PM you can follow the live stream of Emirates Loto new online digital lottery, currently AED 40,000,000 but could go up to AED 50,000,000.

This is a game changing revolution in the religious country that has extremely strict rules and prohibitions when it comes to Online Gambling. This marks a new era for United Arab Emirates and the decision has been welcomed from a lot of people.

Emirates Loto is now the first fatwa approved lottery in the United Arab Emirates.

Last Saturday the 18th of April, was the first ever live stream for Emirates Loto. The show was hosted by Lebanese tv-host Wissam Breidy and Indian model Aishwarya Ajit. To win the jackpot of AED 35,000,000 you’d need to have 6 matching numbers.

The closest person to win had 5 matching numbers and won a whopping AED 350,000. The current jackpot is rolling over to AED 40,000,000 which will be live streamed and held on Saturday the 25th of April.

Wissam Breidy and Indian model Aishwarya Ajit