Top Online Arabic Blackjack Casinos

Blackjack online is a fast-paced casino game where players compete against a dealer to determine who gets nearest to 21. At the same time, players must not cross over the number or else they bust. This review reveals the top blackjack casinos available to players from Arab countries.

Gamblers can join any of the sites to enjoy attractive bonus offers and also win real money in the several blackjack variants. New Blackjack players also have a lot to uncover with the detailed Blackjack online guide.

The Best Arabic Blackjack Casinos
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Understanding Blackjack Terminology

Online blackjack enthusiasts will find the game easily understandable by getting familiar with the terms used in it. Punters from the Middle East who learn these terminologies will also be able to easily relate to the guide we have provided.

We advise customers from the Middle East to note the terminologies and refer to them while learning how to play Blackjack online. Understanding these words and what they mean are the first steps to winning.

  • Bust – Crossing over 21 and losing the round
  • Deal – Handing of cards to players to form hands
  • Double Down – Betting the amount of an initial wager again in exchange for another card
  • Hard Hand – Hand of cards without an ace
  • Hit – Asking for an additional card from the dealer
  • Hole Card – The second face-down card of the dealer
  • Insurance – A bet which is available on certain variants where an Ace is possessed by the dealer
  • Pair – A hand that has 2 cards with values equal (such as two queens)
  • Shoe – The place in which the cards are dealt
  • Soft Hand – Hands that contain an Ace
  • Split – Option to bet an initial bet a second time by splitting hands where two cards have similar values.
  • Stand – Not taking any more cards. It’s also known as sitting sometimes.
  • Surrender – Losing half bets and keeping the rest where it may be difficult to beat the dealer.

Experience a Live Casino from Anywhere

Live dealer casinos are increasing in popularity with many casino gamblers. This is because they offer players the opportunity to enjoy wagering as though in a real-life casino. Also, the safety, anonymity, and attractive bonus offers all contribute to a realistic casino experience. The ease of playing live games at any time, even on mobile makes it a must-have feature for casinos who wish to attract more customers.

To enjoy the best gaming experience, it is important to register with the top-rated live dealer casinos recommended.

How to Play Blackjack at the Best Blackjack Casinos Online

New players may feel a bit overwhelmed with how fast-paced a game of Blackjack can be.  Hence, players need to understand how the game actually works, especially before playing with any money risks involved. Also, unlike many casino games based on luck, players who want the best of blackjack must know Blackjack online systems and strategies.

Players who play at physical casinos may be familiar with how experienced punters use tactics to enhance their gameplay. The same works for online Blackjack games as playing with a strategy always puts players a step ahead.

A step-by-step procedure on how to play has been outlined below for customers from the Middle East.

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Playing Against Live Dealers

The professional dealers offer gamblers an experience close to a real casino. The dealers are not only trained to be professionals on video but also to be hospitable. So, these experienced dealers ensure gaming sessions are interactive and comfortable.

They also speak several languages like English, Spanish, Arabic, French to mention a few.

Live Streaming Options

Win Live Casino Rewards

The recommended live casinos offer promotional offers and bonuses for existing and new players. While physical venues offer points programs, live dealer casinos have more enticing promos.

Players from the Arab world will find rewards which are typically in form of deposit bonuses, free bets, free spin offers. Consistent gamblers are also rewarded with extra perks such as prize draws.

Other benefits include exclusive offers and games through the live dealer VIP programs.  

A Chance to Win Real Money

Partake in Live Casino Tournaments

Live dealer casinos offer tournaments for games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker.

The competitions are in form of knock-out styled tournaments in which players compete with one another at table and card games.

This brings thrill and excitement to gaming sessions and punters stand a chance to win prizes.

Overview of Playing Blackjack

In this overview, players will understand how the game works. This includes learning how hands are played and the various moves, right from hitting to taking insurance. While it is common knowledge that blackjack is 21, players will also understand what happens when they surpass 21.

New players will also find out how a Black jack online game is set up, as well as the best strategies to play with.

1.The Basic Setup

A game of black jack online is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. Games feature a “shoe” comprising of multiple dealt decks. Blackjack online games make use of anywhere from a deck to an infinite number of decks. Black jack online players are required to place a single bet before the start of the game.

2.Beginning the Hand

In Black jack online, hands begin with two cards being handed to each player. In many variants, the cards are dealt face upwards. The dealer also receives two cards, with a card face up and the other facing down. 

The aim of the game is getting your hand to reach close to 21 before the dealer, and not going over the number. The cards in Blackjack have values as provided below.

  • Ace: 11 or 1
  • King, Queen, Jack, Ten: 10
  • Nine: 9
  • Eight: 8
  • Seven: 7
  • Six: 6
  • Five: 5
  • Four: 4
  • Three: 3
  • Two: 2

3.Checking for Blackjack

Before playing blackjack online further, a check is conducted to see whether the gambler or dealer have a blackjack. This is possible where either has a starting hand comprising an ace and a 10-point card which reaches a score of 21. Starting a game with these hands means your wager wins at odds of 3:2.

Where the dealer shows a face card or an ace, he checks for blackjack by looking at the faced down cards. Where an ace shows, the dealer asks the player whether the blackjack punter wishes to purchase insurance. Such a wager costs half the initial wager but where the dealer has blackjack, it pays out at 2:1, so the punter breaks even if the wager pays out.

Where both dealer and player hands reach blackjack, then the bet will push, that is nobody wins or loses. Before the dealer’s hand is checked for blackjack, the dealer offers to pay money on the gambler’s blackjack. This is mathematically similar to offering insurance bets to blackjack players.

4.Playing Your Hand

Where the cards dealt the player and dealer are not blackjacks, playing hands can then begin. With a table with multiple players, the session starts from the blackjack players’ right, in a clockwise manner.

Gamblers can take two major actions in Blackjack online which are to Hit or to Stand. When a player hits, the dealer gives the player an additional card. On the other hand, where a player stands, this means such player wants no extra cards and is done playing hands. Where, at any time, the points of a player surpass 21, the player is said to be “busted” and instantly loses the bet.

Other moves players can make include to Split, Double down, and to Surrender. Where the first two cards have a similar rank, they can be split into two making them different cards. To do this, punters place a different, complete wager for each hand. Each hand then receives an extra second card and they are played as individual cards. Such hands have a possibility of being subsequently split, though there is usually a limit on the number of times players can split single hands.

Another option black jack online players have after receiving cards is to Double down. It allows players double bets in exchange for receiving precisely an extra card from the dealer, after which players must stand. This tactic is used in beneficial situations where players try to maximize wagers.When a player surrenders, it means half the bets made are forfeited and play for that hand concludes. This option of play is used in difficult situations in which losing half the wager is better than playing hands and having to take a chance.

5.Ending the Hand

All hands end instantly where punters may have busted at a point. If not, where the other players stand, and have concluded playing hands; the face down card (hole card) gets revealed by the dealer. The dealer then plays out hands, based on certain rules. Where the dealer has 16 or below, such will hit. If 18 or above, they stand. For some online blackjack games, the dealer stands on every 17. While other variations have the dealer stand solely if there’s a hard 17 and hit if there’s a soft 17 (where the ace is considered as 11).

A dealer that goes above 21 goes bust, and all bets win in this situation. Where none bust, the hands of punters and dealers are compared. A gambler with a higher hand than the dealer means bets will win at odds of even money. If the dealer has a higher hand, a player’s bets lose. Where there’s a tie, bets will push.

Online Blackjack vs Live Dealer Blackjack

Players who desire to experience how Blackjack feels at a real casino can do this with the live dealer blackjack. This version of blackjack is streamed and takes place in real-time. So, players watch as a live dealer assigns and flips real Blackjack cards. Altogether, live dealer blackjack online offers a thrilling live gaming experience.

Players can access both the online blackjack and live dealer blackjacks on any of the recommended casinos. Live dealer blackjack does not offer free play versions.

So, players who wish to familiarize themselves with the game can do this with online blackjack. With experience acquired from online blackjack, players from the Middle East can move ahead to play Live Dealer Blackjack. Features of Live dealer blackjack are described below.

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Real Cards

The game features a real physical table with actual blackjack cards which gamblers from Arabic countries can see on video. So, black jack online players can correctly count cards and confirm that the game is not rigged. Punters witness how every card is distributed and see the way cards are turned.

Interaction with Players and Live Dealers

Interaction with Players and Live Dealers

Blackjack is an interactive and social game naturally. Playing RNG-based black jack online seems to take this away; but the live dealer version brings this feeling back since it has real dealers.  Although players cannot talk to one another or the dealer, a live chat feature helps gamblers interact with one another..  

Free version Blackjack vs. Real Money Blackjack

Players have the option of playing Black jack online for free or for real money. This free play mode ensures Arabic punters can try out their skills without betting with money. This is especially helpful for new gamers. Though the only downside to playing for free is that wins made cannot be withdrawn. To win money, players must make real money deposits.

Playing with real money might be risky; but as is common with most casino games, the higher the risk, the better the reward. So, gamblers who wish to benefit massively from blackjack must play with real money. Punters can glance through the features they will encounter when playing for free and for real money below.

Free Blackjack

  • Perfect for learning the rules of Blackjack
  • It does not involve money risks
  • Players cannot win real money
  • It is not as exciting as playing for real money

Real Money Blackjack

  • Players can win real money
  • Involves risk of losing money
  • Players benefit from deposit bonuses and other promotions
  • Greater level of excitement due to risks and possible money winnings

Top Online Blackjack Variations

Classic Blackjack has been a huge success with online casino table game enthusiasts. Due to its wide popularity in the Arab world, more variants of Blackjack have been introduced with their distinct rules and payouts. Arabic players can find several variants on the sites we recommended. The sites also offer games from several providers, so customers from the Middle East can choose games of their preferred provider.

Most variants have similar rules with slight alterations. However, the gaming experiences differ from one player to the other based on certain factors. Some include the software suppliers, payouts, game design as well as other features that differentiate the games. Of the multiple variants, there are some very common ones most casinos provide.

Classic Blackjack

This is the traditional blackjack game. The classic online blackjack remains the most popular version in online casinos. Newbie black jack online gamblers will enjoy this version as it is very straightforward with no side bets or new rules. Players simply focus on their hands and make betting decisions without being distracted.

Progressive Blackjack

What makes progressive blackjack games unique are the mouth-watering payouts offered to punters. Progressives are just like the classic version but instead of regular payouts, they offer massive payout prizes. So, unlike the standard blackjack versions where winnings depend on how much a gambler had wagered, progressives are based on a prize pool.
Possible payouts increase each time punters place wagers on a network of blackjack games. This is because with every bet placed across this network of blackjack games, a part of the bet contributes to the massive jackpot prize.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

What differentiates Vegas Strip blackjack from classic blackjack is the dealer is able to peek where the up-card is an Ace. Whereas in the classic variant, the dealer can peek where the up-card is an Ace or 10, and a face. This variant combines both Las Vegas vibes with classic blackjack. So, gamblers enjoy attractive visuals, and have side bet options like insurance wagers.

European Blackjack

Players familiar with the classic version will find European blackjack similar. However, there is a major difference between the two. In European blackjack, punters’ cards get dealt face down, and a second card is not given to the dealer until the punter’s hand is played.

Spanish 21

In this version, 10s are removed from the card decks. This applies to the Kings, Queens and Jacks. So, gamblers are required to hit most hands, and low-value cards comprise winning hands. Punters benefit from certain rules in this Spanish 21 variant. For example, any 21 reached by punters win. Also, where both the player and dealer have blackjacks, the player’s own beats the dealer. In this Spanish 21 variant, Arabic gamblers can also use the double down option anytime.


Regarded as one of the earliest versions of Blackjack, this variant has a similar structure to Spanish 21. Though, one major difference in this variant is when a hand starts, a hole card is not given to the dealer. So, where punters get handed a 21 at the start of a hand, they instantly win without checks for the dealer.

Super Fun 21

Super Fun 21 enhances the classic blackjack experience. It places additional importance on drawing cards with hits. So, a gambler wins where they hit and attain a hand with 6 cards, making 20. In this variant, players also have the choice to split hands up for a maximum of 4 times.

Blackjack Switch

While the classic blackjack awards a hand to each player, in this version, they are given 2 hands on every round. One major feature here is players can take the two best cards from the hands in forming the single hand which is best. Also, unlike classic blackjack odds of 3:2, blackjack hands in Blackjack Switch carry 1:1 odds.

List with Tips for playing Blackjack

While most casino games are based on pure luck, players can boost the odds of winning at blackjack. This can be attained by playing according to blackjack tips and strategies.

With the several variants of blackjack, players will need to understand the distinct versions to get the most of them. However, our experts have provided some general tips for Blackjack players.

1.Learn Basic Strategy

The basic strategies refer to the sets of play in each situation that are mathematically correct, based on game rules and the total decks in the shoe. Each Blackjack variant comes with its own basic strategy. Hence, blackjack enthusiasts should try looking up a chart for the variant. This helps to understand the gameplay.

Playing online blackjack also means it is possible to refer to chats during gaming sessions. This is helpful for newbie players and helps to avoid obvious mistakes that players could make while gaming.

2.Have a Rethink on Taking Insurance

Blackjack players may consider protecting hands a tempting move. However, in the long run, insurance bets are not the best. New players might be unaware that being offered “even money” on a blackjack is similar to taking insurance bets.

Pushing on a blackjack where the dealer also has one can be frustrating. However, in the long run, players still end up making more money when the offer is turned down.

3.Prepare a Bankroll before playing

It is necessary to play with a bankroll. Playing with a bankroll helps players measure the amounts being wagered. Without a bankroll, when one is on a losing streak, there is a tendency to continue betting in order to cover the lost wagers.

When starting a gaming session, gamblers can prepare a bankroll of 20 bets. So, in such a situation, a player could deposit €200; hence, placing bets of €10 on each hand. Whether these bets result in a loss or in profits, the gaming session for the day is over once €200 worth of bets have been placed.

4.Consider Playing with Betting Systems

Betting systems do not guarantee players a hundred percent win rate at online blackjack. However, players are able to influence the gameplay compared to total reliance on luck. One of the common blackjack systems many customers use is the Martingale. With this system, players are able to attain small winnings regularly but also face huge losses occasionally.

Players are encouraged to play with their preferred betting systems. Though punters should know that even though betting systems might influence gameplay, they do not have an impact on overall odds in the long run.

5.Understand Hard vs. Soft Hands

Aces are not contained in Hard hands, and even if one is included, the value of the ace is 1. Where an ace is valued at 11 in hard hands, such players go bust. In soft hands, Aces can either be regarded as 1 or 11 depending on which the player prefers.

Usually, players can begin with a soft hand which converts into a hard one upon taking one or more hits. The safer option is the soft hand. This is because it is impossible to go bust when a soft hand is hit, which makes it usually correct to hit even with a seemingly reasonable soft total.

6.Always Split Aces and Eights

Using a simple strategy chart will be helpful in a rundown of when players should decide to split when it is an available option. Though, one rule that all players should know is that in every situation, aces and eights have to be split.

Should You Count Cards in Blackjack?

Counting of cards in blackjack is among the most debated and yet least understood aspects of the game. Several strategies exist in counting cards, from simple to complex systems.

Contrary to what most people think, card counting in blackjack is actually not illegal. However, since online casinos come up with their own terms and conditions, they can prohibit it. This is particular with online live casinos when they feel players are gaining advantages from card counting.

While card counting techniques differ, most of them follow the same concepts. Players are required to take note of cards coming from the shoe. This involves keeping track of the good cards such as Aces and ten-point cards, as well as the bad ones such as 4s, 5s, 6s.

Where most of the cards coming from the deck are bad, players can raise bets, as this means the remaining in the shoe will be beneficial. In a situation where most of the good cards have been played, players can step away till the reshuffling of the shoe, or simply bet the minimum. Other systems recommend altering the basic strategy, like getting insurance in certain situations.

Sadly, players may not be able to count cards on most online casinos. This is because the card counting strategies are reliant on multiple cards that come from the shoe before being reshuffled. However, with black jack online, the virtual shoe is completely reshuffled in between hands. This means future odds are not affected by cards that had left the deck in previous hands.


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