The Best Arabic Online Poker Sites

Online poker has been in high demand amongst Arabic casino players over the past decade. With multiple variations of online poker games players from the Arab world have many to choose from. As a result, casinos that cater to players from the Middle East ensure that different types of poker games are offered on their sites.
Below you will find the top Arabic casino sites with promotional offers for Arab online poker players.

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Pros and Cons of Online Poker

Due to the gambling laws in Arabic countries, most Arabic poker enthusiasts resort to playing online while abroad. The online poker version is based on the same rules as traditional poker, but has some slight differences depending on the variant being played.

Players might wonder whether the experience of online poker can be compared to playing the game in reality. However, the advantages are numerous and they overshadow any negatives.


  • Online Poker comes in several variants
  • It features free play modes which make it easy for newbies to learn
  • Arabic online poker players can wager at multiple tables simultaneously
  • Bonuses are offered on online sites
  • Most Arabic online poker sites are optimized for mobile
  • There are tournaments open to players online


  • Communicating with other players can only be done through chat
  • Players need a steady internet connection
  • The real casino feeling is missing

Bonuses and Promotions

Promotional offers and bonuses are helpful in enhancing gaming sessions. An increased number of Arabic online poker sites means a higher level of competition for Arabic customers. So, promotions and bonus offers are used to draw in new customers.

The strategy benefits both the online poker sites and the Arabic poker players. While the Arabic online poker sites gain new customers, players get their bankrolls boosted in return. However, before accepting bonus offers, it is necessary for punters to understand the several types of bonuses that exist. It is also important to check out the wagering requirements which accompany them.

Common online poker bonuses offered to players from the Arab world include:

Most Arabic online poker sites use matched-up bonuses as their welcome packages. It is usually in the form of 100% up to a certain amount. With this offer, new Arab players are rewarded with the specified percentage of their deposits.

For instance, an online poker site could offer a 100% welcome bonus up to €500 for deposits of at least €20. So, where a player makes a deposit of €50, such player gets rewarded with an additional €50.

These are risk-free bonuses. New Arabic customers are not required to deposit any money before benefiting from them.

With no-deposit bonuses, Arabic players receive little amounts of cash on signing up. This helps in testing the game variants before wagering on them with real money.

Online poker sites reward customers with reload bonuses up to certain amounts. Where the bonus is offered, it gets activated when the player deposits more money. It functions as a welcome bonus but is created for existing players from the Middle East.

VIP Programs & Loyalty Rewards

VIP or loyalty programs ensure that loyal Arabic poker customers are rewarded for consistency. The programs typically feature several levels, with each stage having increased perks. Arab players who reach the peak of these programs enjoy benefits below:

  • A private account manager
  • Cashback offers
  • Exclusive promotional offers

These are just some of the promotions and bonuses open to players from the Arab world. Players can discover and claim more when they register with any of the recommended sites.

Best VIP Casinos

Poker comes in multiple variants. While this is a positive, new players from Arabic countries may be undecided in picking an option to play. As a result, the most common variations will be explained to aid players in their knowledge of each game.

Alternatively, players from the Middle East can play the free modes of any of the games to know how they work.

Jacks or Better

This is based on the original poker game. Players are to build the best poker hands possible and a player wins where the hands have a pair of jacks at least.

The game begins with 5 cards dealt to each player. As the game goes on, players choose the cards to hold whilst they replace and discard others.

Texas Hold’em

This is a common variant in Arabic online poker sites. In the game, players aim to create the best possible 5 card hands from combinations of 5 community cards and double hole cards. 

Options in the game include folding, raising, calling or checking; though they depend on the actions taken by rival players. Where a showdown is reached, hole cards of opponents on the table must be revealed before a winner can emerge.

Omaha Poker

Arabic poker players familiar with Texas Hold’em will find Omaha similar also. However, in this variant, at the start of each hand, players are dealt 4 cards which are placed face-down. 

In creating the best possible 5 card hands, a player must use precisely 2 of the hole cards and 3 community cards from the five. Understanding some poker strategies will be helpful before playing this variant.

Live Dealer Poker

As regulations do not permit readily available live poker rooms for Arabic players, live dealer poker is the only alternative.

With the live dealer version, games are streamed and a real-life dealer is in charge of the table. Players can see the dealer and interact through their keyboards.

Compared to other forms of the game, live dealer poker can only be played with real money.

Other Online Poker Variations

Online poker is hugely popular across the world, especially with people from Arabic countries. The online poker market is growing yearly and with that, we see more poker games being implemented online. Apart from the poker variations listed above, we will go through a couple of other popular variations.

Caribbean Stud Poker

The rules applicable to the five-card stud games above are similar to what pertains here. Though, in this variant, players are pitted against the house in an attempt to make a Royal Flush.

Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild makes use of a standard 52 card deck and the deuces function as Wilds. What this means is other cards on the deck are substituted by them to form winning hands. Hence, wins are easier to attain here; however, the paytable in Deuces Wild is tighter than most variants.

Variations of the game are just slightly different from one another. The main goal of online poker is attaining the best possible 5 card hands, and hitting a jackpot win via a Royal Flush. The fastest way to get familiar with any of the varia

Tips for Winning at Online Poker

It is not easy to become a good poker players. But if you practice a lot you will most likely become a better player. Below we have gathered some useful advice.

1.Start with Low Staked Games

Whether a newbie or professional Arabic punter, it is advisable to begin with low stakes when playing online. This is due to the factors below:

  • The initial sessions entail getting familiar with the poker variant
  • Online poker moves at a faster pace compared to live poker and needs some adapting to.
  • With lower stakes, players can experiment the intricacies of the game, with little money at stake
  • Low stakes also mean there is low risk involved
  • Also, Arabic players can easily examine and rate the gaming experience without worrying about losses.

2. Play Single-tables First

Being able to play at multiple tables is among the benefits of playing online. However, we advise Arabic poker players to focus on single-tables in order to gain experience before moving on to multiple tables.

This helps to avoid becoming overwhelmed and in understanding the nuances of the game. With enough confidence gained from playing single tables, extra tables can be added in later gaming sessions.

3.Play Demo Games

Demo games are free modes of online poker games. With them, players from the Arab world can practise any variant without making any deposits. 

However, wins made in demo games cannot be cashed out as they are not real money games. To enjoy real money winnings, players must make real money deposits.

4.Know Hand Rankings and Odds

Getting to understand starting hands is important, but knowing rankings is an even more beneficial strategy. For instance, where a player gets dealt A-8, with a K-8-2 flop. This means such person possesses an ace kicker and double eights. However, sets of 8s or 2s, or a pair of kings beats such.

In such a situation, a player needs another 8 to acquire 3 of that kind; however, this could present a full house to the opponent. With an ace, the player is in a comfortable position with two pair. But, where a player had a pre-flop raiser, might such player hold A-K? 

Being aware of the odds of hitting winning hands involves understanding Outs, Hand Odds and Pot Odds. The total cards which can improve hands are the Outs and evaluating them helps in estimating hand odds. For instance where a player calculates total outs and has 4/1 value of hand odds, with 12/1 pot odds. This means for a 4/1 call which is simple, such player is paid 12/1. Fortunately, on the internet, players can discover several hand odd cheat sheets.

5.Do not Play Beyond your Bankroll

Online poker sites offer several stake levels within poker games. For instance, in cash games, they could be between €0.01/€0.02 and could be as high as €500 in tournaments. 

It is therefore important to prepare a bankroll when playing. 

Players with a €100 bankroll for cash games can begin with €0.05/€0.10 games, that way, reserving rolls for rebuying. For persons in poker tournaments, in a single entry, spending between 5% to 10% of the bankroll is a good strategy.

Also, being financially buoyant doesn’t necessarily mean players are qualified to play at high stake buy-ins. It is important to beat lower levels before progressing to high stakes. So, where a player hits 10 or more winning sessions or reaches a certain return on investments on a stake level, such player can move a step higher.

6.Get good at Bluffing

Bluffing is an important element of the game. The best players do not win by just having the best cards. Being able to take down pots without having the best hand is important for every top player. 

In getting better hands to fold, good poker players know how to bluff. This can be started by getting familiar with continuation bets. After leading the preflop, continuation bets are those made on the flop.

Regardless of whether the flop gets hit or not, continuation bets carry on. Also, where the image a player has is an aggressive one, the continuation bet is a good disguise for made hands. While a player holds a decent card, it could make the rival player believe the opponent is simply trying to buy the pot.

Poker Tournaments

One of the easiest ways to cash out in online poker is by taking part in tournaments. However, newbies commonly ask about the more profitable choice between cash games and tournaments.

Tournaments are held for a period of time. So, players who are not in a haste can engage in single-table events, also known as Sit and Go’s; or multi-table tournaments. Players are required to pay minute fees to partake in these games but can reap huge sums in return.

On the other hand, those who wish to make quick cash by playing a few hands can rather play cash games. In cash games, the chips represent real money and Arabic poker players can freely enter and leave as the games have no specific periods. This differs from online poker tournaments; in which chips have no monetary value and where a win depends on a player’s performance.

The Legality of Online Poker in the Arab world

Arabic countries are largely Muslim and have their laws based on Islamic tenets and laws. As a result, these countries have very strict legislation and regulations on gambling activities. So, gambling is generally prohibited. However, this does not affect online poker players from Arabic countries from playing at offshore poker sites.

Offshore sites do not have any physical locations in Arab countries. They operate legally with licences from renowned regulatory authorities. Such authorities include the Malta Gaming Authority, the Government of Curacao amongst others. Therefore, they do not infringe on any laws when online poker punters from Arabic countries register on them.

However, for Arabic poker players who are concerned about the legality of their actions, there is no need to worry. First, this is because there is hardly any case of a player being punished for online gambling. Also, with the aid of modern technology, online betting can be done privately and safely.

Instant and Safe Banking Methods

Technology ensures payments on online poker sites can be made across the world swiftly and securely. This aids Arabic poker players who desire anonymity and privacy as transactions do not include any personal details.

Some of the best options include e-wallets such as NETELLER and Skrill; and cryptocurrency payments. With e-wallets, Arabic poker players only provide their email addresses. Similarly, cryptocurrency simply requires the crypto wallet address.

Private and Secure VPN

Another technological invention in accessing online poker sites is a Virtual Private Network (VPN). They ensure connections are secure, and online activity is untracked. VPNs also assist in evading Internet service providers (ISPs) blocks. Some of them even have mobile apps so customers from the Middle East find it easy to play online poker games on smartphones.

Experience the Thrill of Online Poker

With all the information above, Arabic online poker players can understand which games to play and where they can be played. It is advisable to first try out the free modes before playing for real money. Also, remember to use recommended sites as they offer special promotions and bonuses for Arabic players.

FAQ – Arabic Online Poker

It it legal to play online poker in Arabic countries?

It is illegal to play it in Arabic countries. This is because they are predominantly Muslim and guided by Islamic laws which prohibit gambling in all forms.  However, online poker enthusiasts from the Arab world can legally play at offshore international sites.

Can I use a VPN for online poker gambling?

Yes, players from Arabic countries can access online poker sites through a VPN. Not every Arabic country has blocked online gambling sites but a large number of them have. Also, apart from the ease of accessibility VPNs guarantee, they ensure privacy and anonymity.

How safe are the recommended online poker sites?

The sites are safe and secure. They are licensed by renowned gaming authorities such as the Government of Curacao and the Malta Gaming Authority. They also make use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) high-level encryption technology, ensuring the safety of users’ data.

Are there bonus offers for online poker players?

Yes, there are rewards for online poker players from Arabic countries. New players are welcomed with bonus offers such as matched-up bonuses and no-deposit bonuses. Existing customers from the Middle East are not left out as they can benefit from the reload bonuses and VIP loyalty programs on the poker sites.

Which payment method is safe to use on online poker sites?

Arabic players can transact swiftly and privately with e-wallets and cryptocurrency payment options. With e-wallets, players provide just their email addresses, while crypto requires a wallet address. Both payment methods do not require any personal or financial information of Arabic online poker players.