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Arabicasino is an online casino comparison website where we gather the best Arab Casinos online and rate them based on bonuses, product, support and VIP programmes. Our aim is to equip Arabic speaking players with knowledge to be able to play at the best Arabic Online Casinos available.

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The online gambling phenomenon is still quite new for the Arabic speaking countries. Mainly as it is not a socially accepted form of entertainment and is even prohibited in several Arabic speaking countries.  But times are changing, and our Arabic countries are getting better access to the internet and a better understanding of how the online entertainment arena is set up.

Why casinos with Arabic language are important

More than 420 million people around the world speak Arabic, so surely there has to be an online Arab casino with Arabic language. Well the truth is that there’s not a lot of online casinos out there with a good Arabic product. The Arabic language is complex and require casinos to cater for RTL (right to left reading) instead of LTR (left to right reading). So, it’s not only a matter of adding Arabic language to your online casino, but to mirror the whole website and make it RTL.

In addition to this, gambling in the Arab world such as Saudi Arabia is strictly forbidden. As a result, your only option to play games like RouletteBaccaratBlackjack or Casino games is to play at an online casino with Arabic language.

slots al arabiyaa

Then there’s also the question of dialects. The Arabic language has a more than 30 variations and dialects. That’s why it’s important that an online casino that offers the Arabic language is in a common dialect that is understood by the vast majority of Arabs.

This way casino players from Morocco, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and so on, can play on the same site and enjoy the Arabic language that is offered by the Arab casino.

Casinos for Arab Countries

The casino experts behind Arabicasino have gone to great length in finding the best casinos for Arab countries. All the Arab casinos you find here have been specially made to allow players from Arab countries to join.

The tourism industry is becoming bigger and bigger in the Arab countries. A great destination for Western tourists to travel to is Dubai. However, gambling in Dubai is, as we’ve established, prohibited. A tourist in Dubai may find it easier to play at an online casino because all they need is a VPN on their mobile phone or computer and then access an online casino. While an Arab speaker from an Arab country most likely need an online casino that’s in Arabic.

These 4 casinos all have great casinos for Arab countries. You’ll find the product in Arabic language with Arabic customer support. In addition to this, all the below casinos have the best VIP-programmes and high stake casino games.

Countries with Arabic Speaking Online Casinos

At Arabicasino we try to gather as many Arabic speaking online casinos as possible to ensure you have as many options as possible. Luckily all our Arabic online casinos listed are available in the Arabic speaking countries in North Africa and Middle East.

If you live in one of the above countries, you are welcome to play at the online casino we have advertised on this page. Sometimes your internet service provider may be blocking your access to certain casinos. If this is the case, simply download NordVPN or pureVPN for as little as $2.99 per month.

The best Arabic speaking online casinos are the ones that offer a full product in Arabic such as Regent Casino. While the Arabic countries are getting used to use English services, we rather offer Arabs a product that is fully Arabic. This way nothing will be lost in translation and you will be able to enjoy an Arabic casino.

Customer Support with the Arabic Language

Imagine playing at an online casino and running into a problem or challenge. First thing you do is to contact the customer care team to ask for help. Now imagine when you go into live chat and the support agent starts talking in English and your English is not so good. This is a recipe for disaster.

That’s why we’ve made sure that our Arab casino have customer support with the Arabic language. As a result, whenever you’re in need of help or assistance you can contact the Arabic language support.

Arabic people are extremely friendly and respectful and it’s equally important that they receive the same kind of treatment from the support agent. The culture between English speaking countries and countries with Arabic language is very different. That’s why it’s extremely important that an Arab casino offers customer support with the Arabic language.

 As an Arabic speaking VIP player you will have access to priority support in Arabic. As a result you will never have to wait to get help if you need assistance with deposits or withdrawals.

Currencies and Payment Methods available for Arabic Players

Online casinos have come a long way and you’ll find loads of Arab casinos offering local currencies. In order to avoid the expensive currency exchange fees, many of our online casinos offer Arabic players to play with Saudi riyalsUAE dirhams, Bahraini and Kuwaiti dinars and Qatari rials.

If you are in your home country and want to deposit at an Arab casino it is wise to avoid using your bank account to make the deposit. Reason for this is you should rather avoid giving insight to your bank that you play on online casinos as it is your personal matter. So, to make things easier for you, we have gathered the best casinos available for Arabic players.

arab casino deposit and withdrawal

Our Arab casinos offer deposits using the best payment methods for Arabic players, such as:

  • Neteller
  • Bank Transfer
  • PaysafeCard
  • AstroPay
  • Skrill
  • Cryptocurrency

Arabicasino at your service! gathers all the bonuses and offers from Arab Casinos on one single page. We offer you the most popular Online Casinos in United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and many more.

The large number of online casinos makes it difficult to figure out which ones are reliable and which ones offer the most value for money – that’s why we’re here.

Our criteria for all online Arab casinos:

  • Quick withdrawals and deposits
  • Great VIP & Loyalty programmes
  • High security banking transactions
  • Generous promotions and bonuses
  • Confidential storing of personal details
  • Customer service in multiple languages
  • Fast and VPN friendly

We know our way around Arab online casinos

Online gaming in all its forms and, above all, the online casino has become pure entertainment in many Arabic speaking countries.

The industry is characterized by hundreds of gaming companies that all chase you as a customer. With all these gaming companies and the aggressive marketing, it can be confusing to know where to play. It is quite clear from commercials and advertisement that everyone labels themselves to be the best.

How do I as a player know where to turn, where are the best games, best customer service and best VIP offers? Maybe you have tried some already? Then you also know that there are huge differences from casino to casino, but we will help you find the best Arab casino.

Arab casino online experience

Many have been disappointed during their gaming experience, especially with foreign gaming companies that have not been able to meet the expectations and gaming experiences that we believe a Arab casino must have. has therefore carefully selected Online Casinos that we ourselves tested and we can therefore ensure that all these gaming companies comply with the criteria we set up.

Of course, different players have different priorities and while for one, the games themselves are the most important factor, someone else would prefer numerous bonus options to a great game selection.

Still, you shouldn’t disregard any of the above-presented criteria as, later on, it might cost you time, inconvenience and even money.

If you’re not ready to spend time researching the casino on your own, then take advantage of the numerous casino reviews and forums that are online. This way you’ll get a far better idea about what you’re getting yourself into.

You are our main priority

Our number one priority is that you should be able to play in a safe environment, be able to deposit and withdraw money quickly while you get a fun, fast-paced gaming experience. We also help you filter according to your wishes and what you consider fit you best.

In our various guides we give you knowledge and tips on how to play on Online Casinos. Read up on our game guides such as Roulette, Blackjack and Online Slots. You will also find country guides for United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and many more.

Jackpotcity arab casino bonus

Why Arabicasino? is the best Online Casino guide for all Arabic speaking players. Here we list the best Arabic Online Casinos. In our Online Casino reviews you get all the information you need, written by our team of carefully selected experts – all the best Arab casinos!

With over 10 years of experience in the casino industry, we who work with the site have gathered a lot of knowledge along the way. We now want to share this knowledge with as many likeminded casino players as possible.

In our Online Casino reviews, we give our readers a clear overview of the casino in terms of games, welcome bonuses, free spins, payment methods and customer service.

Frequent questions and answers regarding Arab Casinos online

We understand that there’s a lot of questions and uncertainties around online Arabic gambling and Arabic casinos. We’ve tried to answer a few of these questions to give you some peace of mind.

All our online Arab Casinos offer deposits and withdrawals with great modern payment solutions. If you have a foreign bank from a non-Arabic country, we suggest that you make a credit or debit card purchase, or a bank transfer. If you have an Arabic bank account, we suggest that you make use of eWallets, prepaid cards, cryptocurrency, or other online banking systems.

Almost all of our Arab casinos offer customer support in the Arabic language 24/7. In order to access customer support in Arabic language, just go to the help page and click on live chat. If the support agent replies in English, just ask for Arabic assistance and you will be transferred to Arabic priority support.

If you end up on one of the Arab casinos that we advertise here on Arabicasino which is displayed in English, all you need to do is go to the top right corner and click on language and choose Arabic. Sometimes the language icon is displayed with flag, in this case you can just choose your flag or a neighbouring country’s flag to get the Arabic language.

If you’re playing on an Arabic online casino from a country where it’s legal, there’s no problem. But if you play at an Arabic online casino from an Arab country, we suggest you use a VPN to be on the safe side. This way your internet activity is private, and you can enjoy your online hobbies.

Yes, the majority of the Arab casinos you find at Arabicasino supports currencies from the biggest Arab countries such as Saudi Riyal, UAE Dirham, Kuwaiti and Bahraini Dinars, and Qatari Rials. Many of the Arab casinos also offer cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other crypto coins.

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