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Have you been looking for some leading online bookmakers for camel betting? Then welcome to the best Arabic gambling information portal. Our detailed camel racing guide has been carefully and factually written to explain where and how to gamble on camels. It is currently difficult to wager on real camel races happening in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or UAE. Regardless, you’ll learn about the thrills of virtual races right here. Stick around to find out all you need to start today.

Best Arabic Camel Betting Sites
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What You’ll Find at the Most Robust Camel Racing Betting Sites

Camel racing dates to the 7th century CE Arabian Peninsula and has grown into a household sport in the Arab world. Despite the huge popularity of the sport, it still remains a niche game. Unlike football or tennis, there are not many sportsbooks offering gambling on camel races. 

So it could be challenging to find where to wager on this centuries-old sport. We have researched, compared and contrasted betting sites where camel racing is available. The result is that we have not only found some worthy sites, we also list out their common qualities as follows: 

Virtual Camel Racing

Virtual Camel Racing

There’s no doubt virtual greyhound racing and horse racing are popular. But in recent times virtual camel racing is becoming popular outside the Arab world. Designed with impeccable 3D graphics, these virtual camel races come with best-in-class technologies. They provide a similar environment and entertainment as the actual races in the Middle East and North Africa.

As simulated camel sprints take place, independent random number generators (RNG) control the outcome of each game. The mathematical models of the RNG make every possible result as randomized as possible. This makes your gameplay always transparent and fair. So you’ll find it easy to enjoy these virtual camel races.

Mobile Availability

Mobile Availability

At ArabiCasino, we always recommend bookmakers that you can access via your mobile device. You only need a fast internet connection on any mobile browser to connect to their sites. Once connected, you can select any virtual camel race of your choice and play. Also, you may watch races and note down performances for future bets.

In a similar light, most of our top-rated sportsbooks have specially designed mobile applications. Such apps can be installed through the operator’s site or from Android Play Store, Windows Store and Google App Store. The mobile app will enable you to play camel races on the go and enjoy some other perks attached.  

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Valid Licence and Top-notch Security

We give priority to bookmakers with a valid licence from properly constituted regulators. Considering there’s no online gambling licence regime in the Arab world, our recommended sites don’t have offices in these nations. Despite this fact, they are licensed by the most prominent regulators in the industry.  

As a result, these sites are subject to strict requirements, regulations and laws necessary for their operations. Such regulations relate to software transparency, player security, data protection and ultimate ringfence of all deposits. In essence, these sportsbooks reserve all cash from players in separate accounts. From such accounts, they’ll pay out huge wins and offset all financial obligations in the event of bankruptcy.

Privacy-driven Payment Methods 

Privacy-driven Payment Methods 

It is no news that as Islamic states, all kinds of gambling are outlawed in Arab nations. We usually advise going for payment solutions that guarantee utter privacy of your transactions. Commercial banks in these nations restrict gambling-related transactions. So you could go for reputable e-wallets. With popular e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller or Trustly, you only need your email address to process transactions.

Even more discreet are cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), Ethereum (ETH) and more. They are the fastest and most convenient options used by players who understand blockchain technology. Cryptos are decentralised and also very difficult to trace. As such, the authorities will not possibly block off your transactions.

Grab the Excitement of Virtual Camel Racing

Camel racing is a big deal to many people in the MENA region. Whether it’s Dubai’s Al Marmoom, Abu Dhabi’s Al Wathba or Saudi Arabia’s Janadriyah they are all well followed by locals and tourists. However, you are not allowed to gamble on these camel racing events.

But you need not worry as Global Bet powers the Desert Park virtual racetrack for camels. Global Bet is a renowned game supplier with full focus on virtual sports software. The events at Desert Park offer a near-real-life version of the thrills and excitements of typical camel races.

Virtual Sports – Camel Races – Global Bet

The virtual gameplay usually comprises 8 camels eagerly awaiting the start of the race. As soon the barrier is removed, the camels zoom off from their stance right into the sandy track in fierce competition. A high-spirited jockey gives direction to their camel across the racetrack, giving more life to the race.     

Outside the racetracks are a well-designed fleet of Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs. These vehicles chase after the camels in a bid to prod them. You’ll see camel trainers in such vehicles motivating the camels to increase their pace using signs, signals and walkie talkies. Every second of the game is recorded by the virtual umpires.    

There are commentators delivering insightful coverage of the events on the go. They will point out the best and worst camels in the race, their stats in previous races, etcc. On the screen you’ll find the best four competitors for the number one spot. So you have an automatic clue on your camel’s performance.   

Once there’s a winner in any race, the scenery is filled with jubilations by an animated cheerful crowd. A Global Bet-powered camel racing event is fast and typically lasts 60 seconds, during which a winner emerges. 

How to Wager on Virtual Camel Racing

If you have been wondering how to start gambling on camel races, then you have no issues at all. The steps required are simple and largely similar to those of other sports.

With the steps below, you will successfully place bets on camel racing events:

  1. Check out the top bookmakers for camel racing on this page and compare them. If you make up your mind on any site, hit the bookmaker link on this page to go to their site.
  2. On the homepage, click the “Register” or “Sign Up” icon to set up your account. They will require basic information, including your name, email address, date of birth, city, phone number, etc.
  3. Proceed to verify your email address, then head back to the site and log into your account. Click the cashier icon and choose any payment method of your choice to deposit funds. Type in your preferred amount as well as other details required. Your deposit should reflect instantly.
  4. Head to the homepage and click the “Virtuals” or “Virtual Sports” tab. The page will display all the virtual games on offer, and that’s where you’ll access camel racing. 
  5. On the camel racing sub-page, you’ll see available games. A timer appears next to each fixture, showing the time within which the race will commence. 
  6. Click on any race and 8 participating camels will appear, then tap on their odds to select any of the camels. Type in your preferred amount for your bet and hit the confirm button.
  7. Sit back and watch the scintillating action take place within a minute. If your have won cash, your winnings will be credited to your account.

Top Camel Racing Betting Markets

If you’d like to play some virtual camel races, then there’s no better time than now. Since you’re in the MENA region, you’ll be mandated to deposit in other international currencies such as USD dollar, Euro and GB pounds. Every race has numerous markets you can bet on.

These range from top spots, outright winner, to odd or even numbers. And with these markets, it means your betting options are quite immense.

This section covers some popular markets you should know.  

Even or Odd Numbers

At the sportsbooks we recommend, you will find that every virtual race has 8 camels in total. These camels are divided into odd numbers (1, 3, 5 and 7) and even numbers (2, 4, 6 and 8). So this market requires that you bet on any side you think the winning camel will come from. Once the successful camel falls within your prediction, you win; if not, you lose.

Instance: Wager $50 on even numbers at odds of 3.00 and if the winner comes from the even number range, you receive a win of $150 ($50 stake and $100 win).

Outright Winner

This is by far the most popular camel racing betting market amongst Arab speaking players. You have to choose the camel you think will finish top of the race. Such a camel must be the first among 8 camels to pass the finish line in the race. 

Instance: Stake $50 on camel no.1 to finish first at odds of 4.00. If the camel wins the race, you earn $200 in winnings  (Your $50 bet and a win of $150). You’ll lose if camel no.1 doesn’t win the race.

Exacta Bet

The exacta betting market is for the most daring punters. With this market, you must predict the exact camels to place first and second in that sequence. Most sites have straight exacta and multiple exacta or the exacta box.

The straight exacta requires that you choose one camel to place first and the another one to place second. Conversely, the multiple exacta allows you to predict more than one camels to finish first and second-place. Expectedly, the multiple exacta costs more, since it has more selections.      

Trifecta Bet

If the exacta betting market appears interesting to you, the trifecta market might as well be a great option. Here, you are required to predict the camels that will place first, second and third in the correct sequence. Available options are straight trifecta and multiple trifecta bets.

The straight trifecta requires that you select three camels that will place first, second and third. You must specifically predict their consecutive sequence. For multiple trifecta, you must choose a group of camels that will finish first, second and third. The prediction must be in a sequential order.          

How to Calculate Virtual Camel Racing Odds

Like other sports, odds in camel racing are an indication of the chances of a particular betting market happening. They also show how much each market will pay out in the event of a win. Against this backdrop, learning how odds work and how to calculate them is essential.

Odds are usually offered as fractions or decimals at the top betting sites we recommend for Arab speaking players. This section explores both types of odds.

Decimal Odds

By default, most bookmakers display their odds in the decimal pattern. This is because the decimal format is very simple to calculate both for new players and professionals. So for every bet selection, decimal odds will be placed beside it.

To calculate decimal odds, multiply the amount you stake by the decimal value beside it. Your bet and potential winnings will all add up to the total.

Instance: If you stake $50 on a camel to win a race at 3.00 odds and it’s successful, you will make $150. ($50 bet and $100 win).    

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds are less displayed at sportsbooks by default. Fractional odds show how much you can win if you stake a certain amount. While calculating, your bet amount is not part of the potential winnings. So you only see the amount you need to gamble on a selection to win a particular amount.

Instance: Betting $50 on a camel race at 3/1 odds will offer $200. ($50 bet and $150 win)

A Cultural Heritage in the Middle East and North Africa

Camel racing has become ingrained within the Arab speaking people of the Middle East and North Africa. It has spread to other territories, such as Pakistan, Mongolia and Australia.

For the Arabic people, camel racing is conducted to mark grand festivals and entertain guests at wedding ceremonies.

Camel racing is a professional sport in countries such as UAE, Tunisia, Kuwait, Algeria, Qatar, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Fascinating Camel Competitions for Huge Money

In these Arabic states, you will find well-trained, professional thaluls (racing camels) brush their butts for the big prize. Each race sets the stage for its very own kind of thrills. The camels are not only properly trained, but also placed on solid care. Such care typically includes fine meals, ultra-hygienic treatments, regular medical check-up and more. In essence, every race brings great fun to the audience, with increased prizes for successful camels. 

The Al Marmoom Heritage Festival is a yearly camel racing event in Dubai, UAE. The festival features trainers and instructors. Several other camel racing enthusiasts from the Arab world and beyond also attend. You have thousands of camels racing for different prizes at the two-weeks long event. Both thoroughbred, purebred and crossbred camels participate in different categories. And there are tons of prizes up for grabs!

Best Gambling Sites Right Now

What You Need to Bet on Virtual Camel Racing Safely

At ArabiCasino, we suppose you are in the MENA axis, where gambling is banned. If this is the case but you still gambling resonates with you, then you need not worry.

We are spotlighting all you need to bet on virtual camel races safely.

casino safety

Efficient VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) shields your actual IP address from being detected and offers a different IP address. The new address could be any country you choose within available VPN locations. If you have a robust VPN service, it will be very difficult for your location to be unmasked. Hence, you really don’t risk being blocked off from any of our sites.

There are quite solid VPN services you can access on the web, although most of them require subscription. Meanwhile some services offer a free trial period of 1 week or 2 weeks. So you can use this period to assess their efficiency at keeping your anonymity. Some popular VPN services you may procure are ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, Hola VPN, Windscribe and so many others.

Privacy-backed Banking Methods

Privacy-backed Banking Methods

All the best betting sites for camel racing are based in offshore regions. And your local bank account could be automatically blocked if any transaction related to gambling was detected. It is for this reason that we always advise going for banking methods that offer some high-level privacy and anonymity.

For your deposits, you could go for e-vouchers, which are codes you have to enter on the deposit box. You just need to scratch off the sealed spot and load the numbers easily. E-wallets also offer a great deal of anonymity, since they act as a funnel for deposits and withdrawals. 

You only deposit money into your e-wallet and withdraw from it directly to your local account. So it’s difficult for anyone to detect the source of the funds paid into your account from these wallets. Popular e-wallets are Trustly, Skrill, Neteller, Paypal, Skrill 1-Tap, among others.

Alternatively, you may also go for crypto coins if the bookmaker has it. They are not only privacy-backed, they are some of the most convenient and most seamless methods you can use for transactions. Your deposits and withdrawals are typically instant, with no delays whatsoever. Popular crypto coins you can use are Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Tether, Litecoin, BitcoinCash and others.

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Our Recommended Bookmakers

If you play with our recommended bookmakers, you can deploy the above techniques and enjoys. They understand that many people in the Middle East and North Africa are quite good at gambling. So they allow you to convert your currency to US dollar, GB pound Canadian dollar or Euro. 

Some of them even accept Saudi riyal and UAE dirham. Hence, you may as well convert to either currency and play. We have specially handpicked the recommended ones based on their offerings to players in this region. So you need not worry, for you are fully secure and safe with any or all of these sites.

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