Horse Racing Betting Sites in Arab Countries

If you have been looking for some detailed information about betting on horse racing, then search no further. We have done exhaustive research to provide you with factual information in this review. Here, you’ll find a thorough explanation of the registration process and how to wager on horse races. After reading you’ll understand various betting markets and how to choose only the best sites. Join us to discover these and more, and enjoy yourself!

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Offerings of Top Bookmakers in the Arab World

It’s not enough that a bookmaker gives you the opportunity to bet on horse racing. Having studied so many betting sites, we have found that the best sites have certain common top-notch offerings.

Let’s explore these services so you know exactly what to search for.

Comprehensive Horse Racing Games

Comprehensive Horse Racing Games

Our experience has shown that the most robust betting sites have every top horse race in the world. Whether it’s a tournament or some play-offs, you won’t have any issue finding them. These are often accompanied by their betting markets to help you make a sound decision.

Since you are interested in the MENA region, you may wager on the Dubai Sheema Classic or Saudi Cup. But you’ll find some exciting races in Australia, US, UK, France, Japan, amongst others. Some top races here are Royal Ascot, the Everest, Japan Cup, Kentucky Derby, Melbourne Cup and more.

Live Streaming Options

Live Streaming Options

The best horse racing bookmakers provide an experience nearly as good as being on the tracks. At several leading sportsbooks on our list you’ll watch horse races as they happen.

You just need to make a bet on a horse race to enable live streaming on it.

Once you place an acceptable bet on these platforms you can then watch live in HD. With the HD, we are certain you will really enjoy your many top-tier horse races.


Mind-blowing Odds

We are usually stunned by the compelling odds at the best betting sites for horse racing. They have the Best Odds Guarantee (BOG), which lets you accept the most lucrative odds. In the same game, you can accept bigger odds than what was previously staked. So at any time before the race starts, you’ll claim all increased odds. 

Example: Place bets on a horse at 10.00 odds at first. If at the start of the race, the odds increase to 12.00, you’ll receive 12.00 odds. This means the bigger odds are offered most times.     

One thing to always keep in mind is that you must play at a BOG-enabled site for this to apply. So you may choose any such site from our recommended sportsbooks.

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Highly Attractive Bonuses

Bonuses are a hallmark of many sportsbooks. They offer different kinds of bonuses to new players, which is good for bankroll building. You’ll receive the welcome bonus, which could be a deposit bonus upon making any deposit. 

The deposit bonus rewards you with a certain percentage of your initial deposit. This could be for the first, second and third deposits; or only for the first. You may have seen a bonus that says “100% up to $100, $200 or $300”. What this means is, you’ll get 100% of the money you deposit. But the maximum you can receive is $100, $200 or $300 as the case may be. 

Free bets may also be awarded at these top sites. These are free cash awards with which you can win real money. We advise that you always read the bonus terms before claiming. You should also read the general terms and conditions of the sportsbook regarding bonus winnings.

General T&C for Bonuses

Most deposit bonuses have wagering requirements attached. You must fulfil such requirements before withdrawing bonus winnings.

Let’s assume you are awarded a $300-welcome-bonus with a 10x wagering requirement. It means you must bet your $300 bonus 10 times on games allowed by the bonus T&Cs. $300 x 10 = $3,000.

Therefore, you must rollover your $300 bonus to $3,000 before you can withdraw winnings on that bonus.

Besides outright race winners, what other options can you bet on? Do you wish to stake money on different horses in various races? Can you guess the best performing horses in a race? These are some of the many betting markets you can explore from any MENA country.

We’ll explain both the most popular options and the subtle ones in this section.

Win Bets

The win bet doesn’t require heavy calculations and permutations. It’s in fact one of the simplest bets on horse racing for budding players. This bet simply means that you predict any horse to place first in the race. Should your horse finish first position, you win your stake. But if the horse doesn’t finish first, you lose the stake. It’s really so simple!

Yankee Bets

A yankee bet demands that you bet on 4 horses in 4 races. It has 11 patterns without singles. These include six doubles, four trebles and one quadruple accumulator. So a $1 yankee bet requires $11 (six $1 doubles, four $1 trebles and  $1 quadruple. 

Each way bets can also be placed here, making the total stake $22. In the absence of singles, a minimum of two wins is required to get a payout.

Canadian Bet

The Canadian bet has 26 betting patterns (10 doubles,10 trebles, 5 quadruple accumulators and 1 quintuple accumulator). Popularly known as the Super Yankee bet, this pattern is a Yankee bet, but has 5 horses. There are no singles here. Since it has 26 betting patterns, a $1 Canadian bet results in $26. 

The $26 bet includes ten $1 doubles, ten $1 trebles, five $1 quadruples and one $1 quintuple accumulator. This market can accommodate an each way bet, and if you go for it, you’ll deposit $52. Before you can get a payout, a minimum of two selections have to win or place.  


The double bet is also another popular pattern. It’s a single bet in which you bet on 2 horses to win 2 races. Since it’s in the same bet, the double bet pays much more. This is why many horse racing punters prefer it to 2 separate singles.


In a trixie bet, you’ll wager on 3 horses in 3 races. You will have to place 4 bets (3 doubles and 1 single). If you bet on a $1 trixie, you’ll be charged $4. That is, $1 for every double and $1 for the treble. If you go for the $1 each way bet, you’ll wager $8. 

You need at least two winnings in your selection to receive a payout here. The trixie bet awards payout despite one horse losing or placing. This makes it much more profitable than a treble bet.

Each Way Bets

An each way bet requires that you bet on two possible outcomes with a single collection. The first option is a win bet and the second is a place bet. A place bet is any other position besides the first position. So you have to stake on a horse to win and a horse to place. Both the win bet and place bet cost an equal amount each. Hence, if you stake $20 on the win bet, you must also bet $20 on the place bet.

At most Arabic betting sites, the number of place bets usually range from three, four or five. Note that odds of a place bet may differ amongst sportsbooks. But you’ll get the best odds from our top-rated sites. It is worth noting that the win bet is mostly more profitable than the place bet.

Lucky 15

Lucky 15 bets are some of the most popular amongst horse racing bettors. This betting market requires that you stake on 4 horses in 4 races. On those 4 selections, you’ll place 15 bets (4 singles, 6 doubles, 6 trebles and 1 quadruple accumulator).

You’ll deposit $15 for any $1 lucky 15. This covers four $1 singles, six $1 doubles, four $1 trebles and one $1 quadruple. You can include place bets on lucky 15 bets. Should you do that, you must make at least one win to receive a payout. 

Lucky 31

The Lucky 31 is similar to the Canadian Bet. It demands that you bet on 5 horses in 5 games. As the name implies, it has 31 betting patterns. These patterns include 5 singles, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, five quadruples and 1 quintuple. 

If you want to play a $1 lucky 31, you have to reserve $31. So you’ll be staking on five $1 singles, ten $1 doubles, ten $1 trebles, five $1 quadruples and one $1 quintuple. If you decide to go for place bets, your wager will amount to $62. With singles available, you need at least one win or place to have a payout. 

Calculating Horse Racing Odds

First off, we must applaud you for getting to learn how to sign up and place bets. The next thing on the list is knowing how to calculate odds. Many regular punters already know how the odds work. But some new punters may be struggling with the concept of odds. 

Gambling odds are a reflection of how much wins you’ll make should your prediction come out right. Most bookmakers provide two major kinds of odds, both of which are quite simple to understand. You can easily switch to any format to analyse your bets at any time. Let’s explore them in detail here.

Leagues and Competitions On Offer

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are the most popular format you’ll find at the best sportsbooks. They are also the best for budding punters because of the ease of calculation. This displays a decimal number close to the horse. You have to simply multiply the decimal number by your wager. The result you get is the potential amount you’ll win, including the amount you wagered.

Instance: Stake $20 on a horse to win at 4.00 odds. Your potential payout will be $80 (Your $20 wager + $60 in winnings).

Exciting Odds

Fractional Odds

You can also switch to fractional odds at the best online betting sites for horse racing. Fractional odds format will always show two numbers and a slash on the one side. On the other side you’ll find the exact amount you’ll win should you bet on the number displayed. Here, your bet is not included when calculating potential payouts. Rather, the exact potential win is shown in relation to your bet.

Instance: Bet $20 on a horse to win a race at 4/1 odds. The potential payout will be $100 (Your $20 bet + $80 in winnings)

Best Horse Betting Sites Right Now

Noteworthy Distinction Between Lower and Higher Potential Payout

You may have seen that some horses have higher potential payouts than others. Those horses with smaller payouts are more favoured to win by experts. This is usually because they have performed better than others recently. A popular term “odds-on favourite” is used to describe a horse with odd numbers. This may include 1.50, 1.64 or 1.48.

On the other hand, a horse with higher potential payouts is the underdog. Such a horse may have had poor performances in recent times. So they are seen as less likely to win although the payouts are way higher. There are times when things take a swift turn and the underdog wins. However, we advise that you exercise due diligence in choosing your odds.     

Top Considerations Before Wagering on a Race

Some new players start their horse racing journey without adequate information. While some luckily win sometimes, many others still have regrets over this. This guide would be incomplete if we didn’t stress certain salient points you should note always. Hence, you should seriously consider the factors below before wagering on a horse race.

1.Duration Since Most Recent Race

Many experts opine that horses that deliver great results usually don’t stay idle for over 60 days. And we advise punters not to bet on horses that have been away for relatively long. This is because they may not deliver the expected results upon resumption. So it’s best to do your research on how long ago the horse played and how well. If the games are recent and the statistics are quite favourable, you may proceed. If not, you could be better off elsewhere.  

2.Recent Performance

A good number of bookmakers display recent horse performances alongside odds. They mostly show the positions the horse finished in its last three races. With such numbers you’ll make projections as to the form of the horse. It’s best to alway ascertain the recent form of any horse that piques your interest. Doing so will give you an exact indication of the horse’s possible future performance. 

3.State of the Racetrack

At the top Arabic horse racing sites they display the state of the racetrack. They categorise the condition with qualified descriptions: dry and dirty, heavy, good, slow, fast or dead. When a racetrack is dry, it presents horses the opportunity to put up their A game. For instance, racecourses in Japan, Saudi Arabia or Dubai present a dry tracks where horses can race smoothly. Once the condition of the racetrack is conducive, you may expect superb action from the horses.  

4.Jockey or Trainer Recent Results

Besides doing proper research on horses and their recent performance, also have a look at the jockeys. James McDonald, WIlliam Buick and Christophe Lemaire are some top jockeys with great points. You should also check how the horses were trained by their trainers in recent times. s

If a jockey hasn’t led any horse to victory on a particular track over repeated races, you may avoid them. You may also study a jockey’s performances with other horses as well. With this you’ll have a clear picture of what you’re gambling on.         

5.Direction of Racetrack

If you have been paying attention to different racetracks, you’ll find their positions vary. While some are on the left, some others are on the right. Some even have oval shapes, while others are round-shaped. A horse that has run for years on right-handed racetracks might not easily adapt to left-handed tracks.   

This could affect horses that find it hard to adapt to strange surprises. It’s even more difficult if other horses in the race are familiar with a strangely positioned racetrack. So you need to check this before putting your money on any horse. 

How to Place Bets on Horse Racing in Arabic Countries

Since you now understand the top offerings of best betting sites, it’s time to sign up. Here’s a simple way to create your account:

  1. Click on any of our top-rated bookmakers on this page, you will be directed to their site. 
  2. On the homepage, tap the “Register” or “Sign Up” icon. Type in all information required, including name, email, phone number, city, home address etc. Then click the “Confirm” icon to submit your details. 
  3. Go to your email and tap the verification link from the sportsbook.
  4. Log in to your account and click the cashier tab just below the site logo. It will display several banking methods, click on any method of your choice. Provide your preferred amount, enter your password and all other information required. Then click the “Confirm” icon to complete.
  5. Head back to the homepage and select sports, then select horse racing. You’ll see available racecourses and slated events. Tap on any race to see the various horses taking part in it.
  6. Go through the plethora of betting markets and their odds and select your one or more. Then input your preferred amount in the field provided and hit the “Confirm” tab afterwards. Your deposit should reflect immediately, after which you can relax and watch the thrilling action.

Enjoy Some of the Most Prominent Horse Racing Events

Arab-speaking territories of Dubai and Saudi Arabia occupy prominent positions in the world of horse racing. This is heavily linked to their drive and efforts toward running completely smart cities. With hefty financial commitments, top-class jockeys and trainers always take part in their annual races.

This section looks at two most popular Middle Eastern races and two non-Middle Eastern races.

Leagues and Competitions On Offer

Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe 

The Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe is the most followed grade 1 flat horse race in Europe. It has been around since 1920 with two hiatuses in 1939 and 1940 due to World War II. Also known as the Arc, the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe takes place at Longchamp, France. Held on the first Sunday in October, the Arc powers a distance of 2,400 metres.

This race is for 3-year-old thoroughbreds or older while the prize is $5,000,000. Having led 6 horses to victory, Frankie Dettori is the top jockey in the Arc. At present, only 8 horses have won the race twice, with Enabler as the most recent: 2018-2019. Andre Fabre has trained 8 winning horses, making him the Arc’s most successful trainer.

Exciting Odds

Dubai World Cup

The Dubai World Cup was established by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai. Since its creation in 1996, the event has been held on the last Saturday in March. The Dubai World Cup is the concluding race and most popular of the Dubai World Cup night. A striking $12 million is the price for the different winning positions available. 

This race takes place at the Meydan racecourse on a dirty, sandy surface covering 2,000 metres. Competition in the race is strictly by invitation from the organising council. In 2019, Thunder Snow made history as the only horse to win the Dubai World Cup twice. Its first win was in 2018. At our reviewed sites you’ll find the best odds on the Dubai World Cup.

Leagues and Competitions On Offer

Saudi Cup

The Saudi Cup was first held on February 29, 2020 at King Abdulaziz Racetrack. The international horse racing community was stunned at the $20 million prize of the race. With such a massive prize, the Saudi Cup is the most rewarding horse race in the world. Despite its young status, the race has achieved grade 1 status.

The 1,800-metre turf track race was first won by Maximum Security, an American thoroughbred horse. Emblem Road, a horse owned by Prince Saud bin Salman Abdulaziz, won the 2022 Saudi Cup. Wigberto Ramos rode the horse while Mitab Almulawah trained it in Saudi Arabia. There were 14 contenders in the race. And the best Arabic horse racing sites provided different betting markets and odds on them.

Exciting Odds

Kentucky Derby

Also known as “The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports”, the Kentucky Derby was established in 1875. One of the oldest grade 1 races in the world, it features a distance of 2 kilometres. This race takes place on the sandy surface of Churchill Downs, attracting over 150,000 racegoers annually. It is held on the first Saturday in May. It remains the most attended horse race in North America. 

The Kentucky Derby is the opening leg of Triple Crown races and has a prize of $3 million. Since the race is short and superfast, Secretariat made a record finish within 1:59.40. Unlike most other grade 1 races, no horse has won the Kentucky Derby twice. 20 three-year-old thoroughbred horses compete in the event and our recommended sites offer bets on them. Each horse has attractive odds and markets which you can back for the race.

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