Dubai police recently held a security awareness workshop. The purpose of the event was to reiterate the strange stance of officials against gambling. In attendance was the Consulate-General of The People’s Republic of China. The Minister of Foreign Affairs And International Cooperation (MOFAIC) also attended.

Brigadier Jamal Salem Al Jalaf represented the General Department of Criminal Investigation (CID.) Consul General Li Xuhang spoke for China. Al Bastaki spoke for MOSAIC.

Harsh Gambling Laws Outlined

There was no hesitation as Ahmed Al Zarouni from the Crime Prevention Department addressed attendees. He stated that anyone engaging in gambling will suffer a fine of up to Dh20,000. He elaborated that jail time is also possible if gambling occurs in a public place.

These punishments appear in Articles 414 and 415 of Federal Law No. 3.

Ahmed Al Zarouni continued that those opening a gambling house receive harsher punishments. A sentence of up to 10 years is possible, especially with evidence that the guilty party intended on admitting guests.

There is no question that the Dubai government is serious about keeping gambling banned. Other matters regarding online casinos and cryptocurrencies were also addressed.

Cryptocurrency Crimes Explained

Professor Tariq Al-Zubair spoke for the Anti-Money Laundering Crimes Department. He stressed that penalties for illegal cryptocurrency trade are also harsh. The professor referenced Federal Decree No. 20 on Anti-Money Laundering and Countering The Financing of Terrorism. He explained that his biggest concern is that cryptocurrency is being used to launder illegal funds.

Aisha Al Mulla then detailed how locals can contact Dubai police. She explained that an emergency hotline is always active, and reachable by dialling 999. A secondary line for non-emergencies also exists under 901. Al Mulla stressed that the Smart Police Station (SPS) is active 24 hours a day and operates in 7 languages.

Under the Police Eye

Al Mulla continued that an anti-crime initiative is also now fully operational. The service is referred to as Police Eye. According to Al Mulla Police Eye is an e-crime platform available to all members of society. She pointed out that anyone can utilize the service to make cybercrime known to officials.

Al Mulla explained that Home Security has also been available since 2003. The system allows personal security networks to be linked to a Dubai Police control room. Al Mulla stressed that homeowners are able to notify police when they are away, thereby allowing 24-hour security when needed. Best of all, Al Mulla added, Police Eye Home Security is fully integrated with a mobile app.

The workshop ended with an interaction between Brigadier Al Jallaf and Li Xuhang. The pair exchanged commemorative shields as a sign of mutual respect. The exchange also represented a commitment to cooperation between Dubai Police and MOFAIC.

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