In Tunisia, only foreigners can enjoy legal gambling activities. This is because Tunisia is a 98% Muslim country. 

Members of the Muslim community are not allowed to gamble or bet. This is because the Quran condemns these activities. 

This means that gambling at land-based casinos is the only legal choice. So, many players prefer online gambling because it’s convenient. Online sports betting and online Lottery games are popular too. 

Online Gambling in Tunisia

Even though all forms of gambling are illegal for Tunisian nationals, they still have options. Many people choose to enjoy online gambling at sites run by offshore operators. 

Several online gambling operator brands offer their games to Tunisian players. Most of these sites accept payment in common currencies. The Tunisian Dinar, US Dollars, and Euros are all accepted. Plus, these sites feature a variety of international languages. This includes Arabic, the language most typically spoken in Tunisia. French and English are popular languages too. Both these languages are national languages and are widely spoken in the country. 

Offshore operators aren’t blocked from accepting players from Tunisia. So, it’s important for local players to choose licensed and reputable online casinos in Tunisia. There are no online gambling regulators in Tunisia, players must accept the risk. 

Gambling is an Elite Experience

At present, Tunisia is home to 5 legal gaming establishments. These casinos are in 3 of the country’s gambling cities. 

Tunisia’s largest gambling city is Sousse. It’s home to 3 of the largest casinos in the country. Popular games enjoyed in Tunisia include Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Baccarat, and slot machines. 

Since Tunisia’s 5 casinos serve only visitors from overseas, they are designed to impress. They offer premium facilities and top-notch hospitality to their customers. All staff are highly trained to ensure that everybody is well taken care of. 

In Tunisia, land-based casinos are all overseen and licensed by the local government. These establishments focus on offering to visitors only the best in gambling options. They also offer fine dining. Typically, all food and drinks are free. As casinos are only open to foreigners, they focus on making customers feel welcome. This means gambling is a massive boost to the country’s local tourism and hospitality industries.

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