Online gambling is growing at a rapid pace in the Middle East. The Middle East is well-known for its restrictive laws imposed on gambling activities. This makes online gambling a necessary and welcome alternative for gamblers all over the region. 

Lucky for gamblers, there are many advantages associated with playing gambling games online. They’re easier to access than land-based casino games. And they are played in the convenience of home. Plus, players have a greater variety of games to choose from online compared to a land-based casino. 

Below is an overview of the online gambling growth in the Middle East.

A Short History of Gambling

Over time, gambling offerings have been constantly evolving. This means the games we love and enjoy today are mostly evolved versions of the games people used to play in the Middle East. 

In the Middle East, gambling has its origins in the great fighting tournaments of Iraq (previously Assyria). Iraq was once one of the biggest and most famous empires in the Middle East and the home to many warriors and competitive fighters. 

In those days, the strongest fighters would be made to fight one another. These fights would determine who was the strongest and captured the imaginations of many. In time, people started to place money bets on the outcomes of these fights as a form of entertainment. 

A New Day for Gambling

In Middle Eastern countries, playing casino games and betting on sports used to be prohibited. This means gambling and betting were punishable offenses. 

But in more recent years, regions such as Egypt and the United Arab Emirates have become more open to the idea of casinos. 

Even so, accession to land-based casinos in these regions can be risky due to a long tradition of intolerance. This is why many people prefer online gambling in the Middle East.

Safety Should be a Priority

Even though gambling online is safer than gambling at a land-based casino when in the Middle East, not all online casino sites are secure. It is for this reason that it is important to do some research about which sites are considered safe and secure, and which aren’t. 

Online gambling games have gained much popularity in the Middle East in recent years. Popular games favoured by locals include Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, and online slots. Sports betting has become a popular pastime too. 

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